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uva design studio : uncork your brand potential

Who We Are:
Uva is the Spanish word for grape, a fruit that flourishes at the many wineries scattered throughout our home base in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley in California. Small, potent and multi-functional, the grape serves as the inspiration for our work. Natural, organic and fresh, nothing we do is pre-set or pre-made. It's a natural outgrowth of our marketing expertise and our passion for helping your business reach its potential. And like wine is a collaboration between soil, sun, vine and time, we know that when we partner with you, our work bears the richest fruit. For us, partnership and performance is at the root of everything we do.

What We Do:
Uva is a a full-service agency that believes that strategic design, marketing and branding rather than just decorative packaging is the key to how your business is perceived. We offer:

Graphic Design
Be remembered. Get noticed. Effective graphic design communicates clearly and concisely the heart and soul of your brand It creates a relationship with your customers. And it gets results. That is what we do at Uva,

As important as your product is, getting it in front of the right consumers is equally important. We hate wasting time as much as money. So once we determine who your target is, we'll devise a plan to get your message to them in a way that makes sense for your business, your budget and will yield the greatest return.

Brand Development
The heart of any brand's success is its relationship with its customers. The key to that relationship? Creating lasting impressions. That requires a multifaceted, multifunctional approach, and of course, consistency. Whether you want to create a new identity, we'll devise a sensible, strategic plan for making sure that you reach your desired audience with on-target messaging.

Web Design
A website is absolutely essential in today's business environment. Using the latest technology, we specialize in designing custom sites that are current, practical and flexible, and most importantly give you a competitive advantage.


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